Monday, July 5, 2010

jQuery for ASP.NET Developers by Joe Brinkman

Not quite good

Rating 4 out of 10

I have learned some of the basics of jQuery reading this document. But I am not quite satisfied with the author, I think he is not using enough words to explain some of the more complex scenarios, like animation, and extending jQuery. He actually don't explain these things at all. I think he should have walked through some of the more complex code, in that way I would proberly have learned more. As for now I didn't get the point about those issues. You can see the sample app that the document is based on at Also the author forgot to tell about some of the basic jQuery idiom, for example what does "fn" mean? What does "n" mean inside a function? And what does it mean when there is written (jQuery) at the end of a function? It's also a bit stupid that the sample app is written in VB when C# is the most videly understood. Well, about the last thing, that doesn't matter so much because the internal working of the app is not so important in understanding the jQuery issues.

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