Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Excuse Me, Miss by Phillip Thomas Duck

The Infidelity Test

Rating 4 out of 10

I was quickly caught reading this account by Phillip Thomas Duck. The story is about a privat eye working in the field of checking unfaithful husbands. To do this they perform the infidelity test, where an attractive woman makes a pass on the unsuspecting husband and if he bites on this tempting hook he does not pass the test. I think the title that Phillip Thomas Duck has chosen for this novella: "Excuse Me, Miss" is not the right one. It would be better to call the novella "The Infidelity Test". Phillip Thomas Duck is a writer for women, is that guy a bit of a womanizer? Atleast he seems to be able to penetrate, and write from within female psychology. The story walks on the borderline of becoming a cliché, but I think it's all-right. Phillip Thomas Duck's lines are wellturned and natural, but his characters seems to me to be a bit lacking, very thin drawn and allmost non-existant. I should think this story could be popular with teenage girls in the lower social stratas of society. I mean teenage girls in a troubled neighborhood, they don't wanna read, give them this, and they'll read. The subject of infidelity is a subject of keen interest to all women of all time. Maybe a film also could be made? It's a great idea with an infidelity private eye. Is all art born out of some conflict of some sort? Does Phillip Thomas Duck's wife need to worry? Well yes, because obviously this account is born out of the dilemma between the one true love with the one and only girl, and then all the other nice girls walking around. This story is much about infidelity but it actually ends on the keynote of true love!

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