Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gangster - Brian Sandberg by Henrik Madsen

A quite nice guy

Rating 8 out of 10

This is a highly entertaining and informative read. Brian Sandberg appears as a quite sympathic guy. Obviously the guy today is an ex-criminal. It's sad that criminals of the kind of Brian Sandberg is a higly threatened specie. In the last 20 years in Denmark we have witnessed a sheer explosion of violence and crime commited by immigrants of mostly moslem observance. So I am afraid the Hells Angels wont stand a chance against the flood of young immigrant criminals. Hells Angels criminals are like dinosaurs, they are the criminals of the old Denmark, before mass immigration. According to the police of Copenhagen 82 % of the people charged with youth crime in 2004 were immigrants or decendents of immigrants. Sandberg is a great storyteller and has a lot of interesting stories to tell. During Sandbergs carreer, he has spend 7 years in jail, he reconts his first X-mas in jail, he and his friends went to the ceremony in jail church. The priest says: "Jesus is in all our cells". Where upon one of the criminals replies "What's he busting for?". Where upon the priest becomes the laughing stock of the witty criminals. In the new millinieum Sandberg starts a highly profitable business (BS Consultancy) where he is organising security for rich people. As he says, normal security companies are not efficient, when the criminals come, they just run away and call the police. Brian Sandberg draws upon his connections to organize a very efficient security and his guards don't run away faced with the thieves. Sandberg is more expensive than a traditional security company but in return with Sandberg the customers get the "The Real Deal". Sandberg appears in the book as a diplomatic persona with extraordinary social skills, that guy is simply able to make friends with everybody. Well done Sandberg! Take care of yourself!

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