Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Det er derfor de knepper så meget i dette land by Jørgen Leth and Morten Sabroe

Not really interesting

Rating 5 out of 10

This book is made up of the email correspondance of two Danish writers: Jørgen Leth and Morten Sabroe. Jørgen Leth is definitely the best of the two. I must admit that I find Morten Sabroe's writings quite tiring at times. Apparently the guy is a part of the litterary establishment in Copenhagen, one gets an almost claustrophobic impression of this milieu where everybody knows everybody. Morten Sabroe starts the book in December 2009, this was a time when Denmark witnessed and unprecedented flood of moslem immigrant related shootings with guns, I think it was more than 100 shooting episodes in 1 year. It's quite amazing that Morten Sabroe doesn't bring this subject up in any of his emails to Jørgen Leth who is on Haiti. It could have been interesting if these two literati would have had an in depth correspondance about this quite important subject. But the book is too political correct and in that way Morten Sabroe embodies the political correctness of the Danish literary establishment. Instead the two, quite old, men talk about wine, food and women, young women! Jørgen Leth made a bit of noise with his 2005 book "Det Uperfekte Menneske" where he was decribing sex scenes with with a minor Haitian woman, this cost him his job as Danish honorary consul in Haiti and made a huge scandal in Danish media. So Morten Sabroe is inquiring into how it felt for Jørgen Leth to go through this media storm. Apparently it didn't disturb Jørgen Leth too much. Well the book fails to ever get really interesting. They two writers never really find something interesting to really get into. They play safe and stay in their writer roles, saturated with themselves.

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