Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sex and Tourism: Journeys of Romance, Love, and Lust by Kaye Sung Chon

Book Rating 4 out of 10.
This books is comprised of a series of essays about sex tourism, most of them accademic. It's an interesting subject. The book defines sex tourism in a more broad sense than what is generally understood. For one example in Europe it is very common for young people in north Europe to go on holiday in south Europe, where the holiday is beach, party, drinking and sex! Or in the winter, the go on skiing holiday, where afterskiing and party and sex is an essential part of the experience. Journeys like this falls within this books definition of sex tourism, because sex is a significant motivation for the tourism. Well the books essays explore the subject of sex tourism from various angels. It states that prostitution in third world countries catering men from richer countries is not only a bad thing, because it brings wealth to those countries, it advocates a decriminalization of prostitution, but warns about the high risk of contracting sexual transmitted diseasses, like HIV. Some alarming investigation has revealed that in some cases 40 % of the prostitutes in South Asian countries like Thailand and Cambodia is infected with HIV!

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