Friday, January 22, 2010

Another World by Pat Barker

Book review
Rating 2 out of 10

This is a funny book, not that it is funny though! But reading it I was wondering - What kind of book is this? There is a ghost in it, so I thought maybe it is ghost story? But not really. Then there is also a story about a boy, Gareth, who is jealous upon the smaller boy in the family, Jasper, which is the shared child of his mothers new husband, Gareth's own father has broken the connection. So Gareth feels left out of the family and exerts pretty serious violent actions upon Jasper, so I thought then is then a psycho drama? But not really either. Then there is an old 1WW veteran who are dying Geordie. The book takes place in the 1990. What strikes me about the book is that the author is not afraid of decribing some of the tabuised areas of physical life. Things like the gentials, shit and she even describes an intercourse with a highly pregnant woman. What disappointed me though was the authors decription of a socially troubled neighborhood, where the youth put things on fire and then throw stones of the fire squad and the police when the arive. Everybody knows that such a situation in the 1990's Europe means angry young people of immigrant origin from Africa or moslem countries, but the author mentions nothing about this in the book, which is so weak and political correct! This book is an sort of ok read, but I am afraid it will be utterly forgotten in 200 years time!!!!

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